Totally Ratted Publications

Music, In Theory

Gathering together over 2500 years of music theory and describing it in a way that makes learning the "rules" of music a little easier. Learn everything from basic chords to esoteric and experimental theory.

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Imperialis RPG

The in depth, and ever growing, rules system for the Imperialis RPG. These rules are also implemented, with some adaptation, in the Imperialis MMO and therefore provide a single series of rules for both.

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Team Blogs & Forums

Here at Totally Ratted, we are great believers in communication, whatever the form. In this section, you will find links to our personal blogs & the Rat Pack forum where you can chat to your heart's content.

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Totally Ratted Publications has grown organically into a limited company from its origin as a producer of documentation for a role playing society (as the Totally Ratted Press). It is now the source for two digital books that have received widespread attention and will be the source of many more.

In Theory

Combining over 40 years of playing experience with a knowledge of the two and a half millennia of music theory. Using an interactive learning environment, Kev McCarthy explains the intricacies of the subject and how they impact on the world of the guitarist. Taking the student from first principles to experimental theory in easy, verified lessons.


A multi-paradigm table top role playing system, developed in conjunction with a custom MMO game engine to create a unqiue gaming platform. Multiple games share the same universe, interacting at an unprecedented level thanks to a centralised data system. Through the use of an event driven plot systems, the events of mobile games can enrich the experience of tabletop players & vice versa.

The Rat Pack

This is the portal to the Totally Ratted community, which we have named in honour of the group of 1960s actors (which included such luminaries as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and others). The Rat Pack is the life blood of our organisation, as we build our products to their specifications. Through this portal, members can access the forums as well as the individual blogs of the team members.